Vietnam: Days 1-3 “Jan 19th-22nd 2016”

  19th of January 2016:
As you walk out of the quiet Vietnamese customs to the outside world it’s overwhelming to say the least. The first step into Ho Chi Minh City takes your breath away literally, the humidity engulfs you making you instantaneously start to sweat. On top of this the ever so loud and confusing sounds coming from everywhere is something you don’t become use to. People are shouting names, taxis are yelling at you to get in and everyone is just sporadically beeping at each other. Ho Chi Minh City is like a competition, who can possibly make the most noise possible and grab your attention first. Thankfully, Nick was standing waiting for me to start our journey together. It was like a stereo typical romantic movie when you see everyone rushing around you moving in fast forward and you see him smiling up at you knowing that from that moment on this is going to be an adventure you will not forget.   
 Vietnam’s driving is just as sporadic as their beeping, there are no road rules. So if you want to cross the road just go for it and fingers crossed you make it too the other side. The street we were staying in was something the people back home would understand as Hindley street. This is NOT a compliment it’s just backpackers galore, clubs and bars everywhere. However, we went to this little Vietnamese street food… Amazing! For $0.50 Aus you could get a chicken, beef or combination skewer. Although the food was incredible and I would recommend it to anyone it’s so sad to see children working in their pyjamas just because they have no other choice. If this occurred in Australia the person would get reported.


20th of January 2016:

The next morning at 8am we took a bus to Mui Ne. The bus was a new experience to say the least. It had 3 rows of little lie down beds. It was quite hilarious just trying to get up on the top… Trust me it ain’t easy and I’m little! I also love how the bus has wifi! OMG revelation! Why doesn’t every bus have one around the world? It’s amazing to actually get updated on life back home for a few hours. 

 Mui Ne was a picturesque coastal town with a combination of kite surfing and fishing. This town was a slower pace which I personally found to be more comforting… And although it’s only been a week since I’ve been to the beach the water made me feel alive and refreshed. The food here is to die for. For dinner I had sweet and sour beef with rice, my taste buds were running wild.

21st of January 2016:

 The next day followed the same ordeal wake up, have breakfast at a local street food corner store where I had my first Pho. This is beef, noodles and sweet onions in a broth. It was surprisingly tasty. I have always been suspicious of eating off the street because… It just looks like your asking for food poisoning. However this lady changed my whole thought process about street food. We then went to visit the red sand dunes. It was fun but also exhausting! My calves were burning from running back up the sand hills after I sled down them. I would recommend doing this in the morning because otherwise the sand because way too hot and you will burn your feet. 

Then we just headed to the beach on our scooters to swim and sun bake the day away. Bill bought a little kite and after 2 hours and 2 people controlling it, it finally made flight! Persistence is key! Dinner was one to remember, as the sun was setting a blue, purple haze across the ocean we were having scallops and squid, and feeling like a king.
 Now we’re heading to Nhu Trang and I can’t wait to see where that takes us… After this 5 hour bus ride.  



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