Saying Goodbye


It’s this surreal moment when your lapsed in between reality and your wandering mind. The sense of sadness, excitement, nervousness and fear washes over you one by one. Saying goodbye is never easy but accepting that you don’t know where your future entails you is even worse. I’ve always been a girl who has her future set out, year by year… until now. Now I’ve taken the plunge to leave behind everything I know to explore the world… But why? Why have I risked staying on the foreshore knowing where I stand and who I am to now diving off the cliff… And having that sense of forever falling not knowing whether at the end of it I will survive. It’s that moment you survive living outside of your comfort zone that you truly discover that you are capable of more than you may think. Traveling is so amazingly wonderful and yet terrifying at the same time. I will discover new people, sounds and ways of life and yet to do this I must leave my family and friends, my familiar sounds and the normative routine I call life. Goodbye to my family and friends and hello to the adventures of the world.



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