Her Eyes Tell A Haunting Story With No One To Hear


Look at her eyes, can you see her hidden fears and her hazy future. Have you ever felt as if she is hiding more than what meets the eye. Her impeccable long brown hair flowing in the wind and flawless skin may be hiding her tainted confidence. She never wants you to know that everything she portrays is all an act. An act to society. Allowing no one in public to ask her the three words she yerns to hear; “are you ok?”

Those three words could allow her to release and relinquish her true unconscious emotions. She has pushed the torture and cruelty deep within her that even now she can’t remember who she is. She knows she lives in a fake and unforgettable world but she cannot portray her true demons, who lurk around her, to the stigmatised enriched society. It is unacceptable. We must all be happy and successful in life. If only someone knew. Her life has become a haze. And only 3 words can clear her of the continuous fog.

“Are you ok?”

The young girl is a description of what it may be like for someone who has depression or anxiety. Asking; Are you ok? Can change someone’s life and may prevent them from doing something irrational. If you or someone you know may be battling with depression or any mental health issue, seek help and guidance from a professional.


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