Is It Worth Being “Instafamous”


Have you ever scrolled through social media sites and wondered “her life looks so perfect!” Or “how does she look that good in all her photos!”… Let’s be honest every girl has. It’s this bizarre obsession we have with each other. Were always looking and comparing our lives to those Instagram models or reality tv stars or even just that friend from school who looks like they have their whole life sorted and your just sitting in bed with chocolate wrappers watching a season of friends every night. However let’s take a deeper look into those “perfect” people. That girl who you know their whole life story because you’ve stared at every single photo numerous times with your mouth open like “how???” Well the secrets out…. That girl is fake!

I know that sounds harsh and it is, but we can all make our lives sound like the Kardashians if we choose the right filter, modeled for every shot, had professional make up done AND wore designer clothes but does this sound like the life you want to live? I know I couldn’t be bothered! The struggle is real to brush my hair and make up in the mornings! Usually just none of the above, but can you see yourself putting in that much effort to walk down the street?

I understand they have 6000 followers and you have 200, but they don’t even know their followers at least yours are human beings!

To make your life look perfect on numerous social media sites it wastes a lot of your real life! Think about it, in 50 years time when your talking to your grandchildren about growing up are you going to tell them “I had 6000 followers on Instagram… I was Insta famous!” Is that something you truly want to remember as your fondest memories. No. Live the life your suppose to live not just the made up version on your iPhone.

So the next time you see one of these girls posing as if their a Victoria secret model when in reality you know they are just a average person in the society who is showcasing their looks and lifestyle as if their famous think to yourself could I be bothered, if no, keep scrolling. Because you actually have a life outside of social media which is a rarer gem to find in our current ego-driven society.


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