5 Things To Do When You Complete Your University Degree

I have recently graduated my undergraduate studies in psychology, but now what? It’s funny how you work so hard for years to receive a piece of paper but still feel as confused and lost as when you walked into the gates on your first day.

1. Allow Yourself To Be Proud Of Finishing 

Unfortunately our society has trained us to believe that we should always be looking forward in how to improve, which isn’t always terrible. However sometimes we forget to look back and evaluate how far we have actually gone. Being able to take a break and enjoy life and your achievements thus far.

2. Allow Yourself To Have A Break & A Reflection/ Reassessment Of Where You Want To Go From Here

We can all get tied up in the thought process of ok i’ve completed this now I should go into this degree get this job etc. etc. However, you have just had your head in the books for 3-4 years and most likely haven’t had a real world experience. To be honest it can be different to what you may have thought. Take some time out of the books to explore the real world and work out for yourself what you think is the next best process not what university/ college has taught you.

3. Travel The World

Like in the number two you haven’t been able to explore the world around you. Dive into new cultures and experiences around the world. You may be surprised at who you become and how much you change due to a different people and countries beliefs surrounding you.

4. Get Experience In Your Field

It is better to get work experience in your field through internships or even volunteering than to continuously study. The real world is different to those text books. Having a hands on experience may allow you to evaluate if this chosen field is what you truly want to do or it may support your original beliefs. Also, it looks good on your CV, never underestimate the power of your resume.

5. Enjoy Life Around You

You’ve got a degree, in which our society believes is essential for future outcomes, but now just enjoy life. In your 20’s (which is when most people complete their degrees) you have so much more time in your life to work full time, have a family, settle down etc. Why not make the time now as your exploration with the world and yourself as well the most exciting to just see where life takes you. You have nothing to lose!


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