Live To Work NOT Work To Live 

Live to work not work to live!

So many times in our lives we forget what it is truely like to live a life of adventures. We tend to get stuck in the path of studying then working because that is what society pressures us to do. Unfortunately only until we are 60 and about to retire we look back on our lives and think, did I truely need to work that hard when I was young to be where I am today? What if I had gone on an adventure across the world, meeting new people and exploring new cultures, would that experience have changed the path to where I am today! Don’t forget to take every moment! When you’ve finished your studies it is important to find experience however explore the world, explore yourself and until you find yourself and who you truely are, only then will you be successful! 

If you want to be successful and inspirational you have to set yourself apart from everyone else! How will you be able to when you have done the same thing as what society expects! Your inspirational models are usually inspirations because they have done something different in their respected fields. Be that person, who everyone wants to aspire to! Be the person that changes the way the world sees. 

If you can be the person more than you had dreamt of, the person who is humble in their approach to their succession and yet proud of their achievements then I will  and many others will aspire to your creations. 


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