10 Things That Make Your Twenties Who You Are


I’ve heard that your 20’s are suppose to be your selfish years. I agree this to some extent as I believe you should always give back. Below is 10 things that change who you are in your 20’s.

1. Travel

Being able to travel the world and explore new cultures and outlooks on life shape you to be who you are today. Travel the world while your young and explore cultures and people.

2. Relationships

When your in your 20’s your more than likely to be in more than one relationship throughout the years. Learn from the different people and find out what you liked and didn’t like about how that particular person made you feel.

3. Jump outside of your comfort level

You will never know who you truely are or who you could be if you stay within your comfort level. Although it can be daunting… more than less times you end up a better and stronger person because of it.

4. Experiment

Your 20’s is suppose to be when you find yourself, so experiment with your look, experiences and anything that you can grasp your hands on because you have nothing to loose.

5. Don’t forget about your family

Although they say your 20’s is suppose to be your selfish years never forget about the people who raised you to be where you are today. Always have time for your family, as they have always had time for you.

6. Save… Save… Save

Although I say explore the world around you, make sure you always have enough money for a back up plan. As much as we plan life to go a certain way, it can change in an instant. Store your money away as, you may thank yourself later.

7. Don’t be afraid to change your life course

When were 20 as much as we may believe we know what to do in life and have our whole life sketched out. YOU may change! Don’t be afraid to admit your initial thought is not where you want to be and follow a new path.

8. Fall down… And learn how to get back up again

They say that when we make mistakes that’s when we learn the most. Don’t be afraid to try something new and not be afraid to be knocked down because the greatest strength you will learn through this process is to be able to pick yourself up and again and keep trying. This skill of resilience can only be taught through practice and watching your role models.

9. Admit when your confused

Although we see our parents successful result in their career and life we didn’t get to see how they got to where they are. Inevitably they didn’t take a smooth road to success there were bumps and unpredictable turns. So when you get to one of these T-intersections and don’t know if you should turn left or right, ask someone who has been in your shoes before.

10. Enjoy life

Although my generation are so worried about being unemployed and broke and having to have a career, we sometimes forget to have fun! Go out with your friends, go travel, have that massage you’ve been longing for! Because you can! I would rather wake up when I’m 90 and know I did everything I wanted to do than say I earned a lot of money but missed out on family and friends events because I was busy. What would you rather?




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Live To Work NOT Work To Live 

Live to work not work to live!

So many times in our lives we forget what it is truely like to live a life of adventures. We tend to get stuck in the path of studying then working because that is what society pressures us to do. Unfortunately only until we are 60 and about to retire we look back on our lives and think, did I truely need to work that hard when I was young to be where I am today? What if I had gone on an adventure across the world, meeting new people and exploring new cultures, would that experience have changed the path to where I am today! Don’t forget to take every moment! When you’ve finished your studies it is important to find experience however explore the world, explore yourself and until you find yourself and who you truely are, only then will you be successful! 

If you want to be successful and inspirational you have to set yourself apart from everyone else! How will you be able to when you have done the same thing as what society expects! Your inspirational models are usually inspirations because they have done something different in their respected fields. Be that person, who everyone wants to aspire to! Be the person that changes the way the world sees. 

If you can be the person more than you had dreamt of, the person who is humble in their approach to their succession and yet proud of their achievements then I will  and many others will aspire to your creations. 

10 Things I Wish I knew Before I Went To University


When you go to university life changes dramatically, you are no longer in your high school bubble you lived in for 13 years, and the friends you made will all be going separate ways.

1. So Many Names 

When you first get to university it seems as though it’s a rush to meet a friend or to know someone so you don’t feel so alone and confused in the new surroundings. However, get use to trying to remember 100 names in one night because it gets hectic! Also get use to making a full of your self when you ask their name and it turns out you met them 10 minutes ago!

2. Social Life

For the first 6 months your life will be on fast forward!! Everything is new and all the parties will be fresh and exciting!! Going out every week will make you exhausted and possibly sick. However, have fun with it and keep meeting new people!

3. Balancing Life

When you get into college your more likely balancing study, work and a social life. This can get challenging when it is heading towards the end of the semester and exams are approaching. As long as you can prioritise you will be fine.

4. The College “5”

When I was at high school I couldn’t put on 1kg to save myself. However after 6 months I had put on 5 to 7kg’s. This was legit alcohol and horrible food intake! Be careful what you eat it can really add up over time when your not watching. ESPECIALLY Alcohol!!

5. Stressful

When your at college you will probably find a whole new level of stress. It was the most enjoyable time of my life but in certain stages the most stressful. Sometimes the teachers think putting all their assignments and exams in one week will be nice… but it is like going to hell and back! All you have to think is that you will survive, and out of some miracle it happens!!

6. Friendships

The group of friends I made are my uni family. Although we all live in different states and soon to be countries we all connect and update each other because without those girls I honestly would never have survived university.

7. Work Experience/ Volunteering

Get involved throughout the campus and in outside programs. As much as this is a rewarding adventure it also looks amazing on your resume. When your going into job interviews having extra curricular activities sets you apart from everyone else!

8. Listen To Your Body

As much as most of us would love it we can’t all be superwomen. Every now again our body shuts down. We get sick, or something unforeseen happens. Listen to what your body wants! Relax that day if that’s what your body needs. As much as you may be thinking “I don’t have time for this!” Trust me when I say you will manage, and in the end you will be better in the long run!

9. Don’t forget about your family

Sometimes our lives are on such a rush that we forget to call the most important people, our parents. Don’t forget to call them to keep them updated on your life and make them feel they are still included in your new adventure.

10. Enjoy Every Moment

You will look back at these days and think to yourself, I wish I cherished every moment. I miss living with my uni family, having a girls gossip session, or going out partying. However, there will come a time when it is all over. The 3 to 4 years have finally finished and you are left with only memories. Make sure those memories are ones to bring a smile to your face until your 90!