5 Ways To Control Your Exam Anxiety


Have you ever gone into an exam room sat down turned the dreaded piece of paper over and then gone completely blank? Because this use to happen to me regularly. People get anxious about a lot of different situations but exams and or tests can turn a chilled person into a panic! I have over come this fear through time and numerous strategies implemented over the years, so I thought I would help someone out there going through the same struggles!

1. Breathe:

I have been in the situation where I felt the world would end if I didn’t do well in the exam, and trust me the world doesn’t end… i’m still alive! As you are allowed to walk into the room take a deep breath! If you have to, take your time and take numerous breaths until your breathing is controlled and calm like it would be if you were at home. As you turn over the examination page, if you feel your heart racing, look away and take more deep breathes until you are calm. Even though this may take some time it will be better in the long run because you will actually read the question properly and therefore answer it accordingly!

2. Positive Thoughts: 

So even my exam yesterday, I read the first 3 questions and was like “F@@cK!” basically, however I just kept putting positive thoughts in my head like “that’s ok we can tackle that later” and it made myself calm down and read the question properly.

3. The Wording of “EXAM”:

 The word itself sounds horrible to me! It still scares me no matter how many I have completed! Now to calm my nerves I say “TEST” instead of exam because it honestly doesn’t sound as scary. When you think about it a exam is just a bigger test. Just saying this simple word to myself and others calms my nerves immensely.

4. Think your at home: 

Sometimes theres more pressure on a exam then others, to concur this I tend to pretend I am studying at home because theres no pressure at home if I don’t know the answer straight away and again i’m usually calm when i’m home.

5. Go Back: 

So it would be pretty rare or your just a absolute genius if you could answer 100% of the exam without any default or worry! But… for the most of us we have to employ strategies. If you get to a question that you absolutely have no idea about, mark it down somewhere (Scrap piece of paper) and move on! The amount of times i’ve gone “Nup no idea” moved on came back to it and all of a sudden it has clicked, have been countless! Sometimes in further questions it may act as a cue to that previous question.

Overall, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t know a question in a exam. However, make sure you are calm, collected and confident when you walk in the door and as your completing the exam!

If you have any strategies that you employ please add them into the comments because you may be helping someone out with exam anxiety/ stress.


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