My Home That Shaped My Childhood


Down the winding driveway guided by trees and 50 acres of rolling paddocks. The horses devour the first sprouting of green grass coming through the ground as the long summer drought starts to end. As the driveway winds down to the valley, it opens up to a glistening lake with a little island in the middle and reeds starting to take over the home for turtle and yabbies. A tennis court is home to many memories of her granddad and old family times when everyone was with her. As you turn the corner a cream, little seat connected to the archway with “Permadeca” written across in a dark green provides the entrance to the old style country home. The home was a long red bricked home. With a verandah and bricked footpath all the way around. The red and orange autumn leaves that fell on the lawn in front of the home over looking the lake is a vivid memory. The house is surrounded by a lush, colourful garden where her puppy, border collie jumps off the cliff to play with the birds flying past. The trampoline in the front lawn was where the young girl spent hours, jumping and doing tricks.

This home served many great years and many family members had stayed here both short and long term. Fortunately I still get the pleasure of overlooking the lake. When I wake up each morning the sun still acts as a alarm clock, beaming through the windows. Now my room is a story higher on that piece of lawn where the trampoline and hammock made their home amongst the autumn leaves.

The young twelve year old girl with endless energy, freckles covering her face and her brunette hair constantly in a pony tail had no idea that the activities she was doing then will be lasting fond memories of the house she once lived in and the family members who she once took for granted.

Day 11 for writing 101,

Today’s Prompt: Where did you live when you were 12 years old?

Today’s twist: pay attention to your sentence lengths and use short, medium, and long sentences


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