We Lift & Train For Our Society…Not For Ourselves


The current media portray fitness as an extremity, only the best can do it and with social media sites such as Instagram flooding the news feeds of young girls with “Ideal” bodies and “Ideal” weight it’s understandable so many girls are feeling helplessness, or an inability to portray themselves as able to achieve a body like the endless photos on their news feeds. Ideal bodies change from decades to decades, generations to generations and yet every generation strives for the current ideal. Unfortunately young girls don’t realise that the body they may want and will do anything for may not be possible for their body shape. Every girl is born differently! My entire life I have been petite, and to some girls that would be the dream to eat what ever they want and still not gain weight, but there is a huge difference between being skinny and fit. Fortunately the current fitness fad is “fit”, girls now actually want abs, and biceps and so on but what will happen when this changes? Will it turn into “Anorexic” skinny where your body is just bone again? All that hard work on gaining muscle will that just get overlooked, maybe even thought of as disgusting? It’s surprising to think only in the 1950’s and 60’s, Marilyn Monroe was considered “Ideal”, but if you put her on this earth today in a bathing suit everyone will stare and think she needs to lose some pounds.

It isn’t just the girls perspectives that are changing, the mens perspective has changed as well. Psychology surveys have now adapted to the mens perspective as they want to be big, bulky and all round muscle. Unfortunately that doesn’t sound to bad for women to have Abercrombie like models walking around the beach all day. However the muscle epidemic is effecting younger and younger males, who may be harming their growth due to lifting weights far to young for their bodies maturity.

It is not only the society that is changing but the fitness instructors etc. are having to adapt constantly to keep up to date on the latest craze. Now girls and boys are lifting heavy weights to gain muscle and tone, however the next decade they may all be back on the treadmill for an hour because that is how you get the best body in that era, or a new craze that hasn’t even been thought of maybe running our minds.

It gets you to think, who is that one person who changes every persons thought process into thinking this body is attractive, because in the end as much as we like to think we are not aspiring to be aesthetically attractive but we want to build a career and have a life, and it’s all about “what’s inside that counts”, it isn’t in any social interaction you engage in both personal and career wise.

Don’t get me wrong, I have always wanted a 6 pack and despite my boyfriend thinking it’s disgusting that has been my dream. I know I haven’t aspired to the latest crazes over my life because when muscle wasn’t in vogue, I still wanted my 6 pack because I had a 4 pack when I was 10-12 and I know that I want it back because that was the fittest I ever was. And yes I was doing gymnastics, hence such a young age! 

So the next time you are on the squat rack about to squat 60kg for your last rep think to yourself if I was the only person on this earth and there was no one to look and judge my body, what type of body would want?




2 thoughts on “We Lift & Train For Our Society…Not For Ourselves

  1. This is a fantastic read! As a gym instructor and personal trainer, the issue with trends is quite right, what im prescribing to teenage boys and girls for the current fitness trend could be the opposite to what it could be in 5 years, crazy to think how it can change. One thing i always remind people, especially females is that no matter what you look like, your health should be main priority above everything else


    1. Thank you so much! That means a lot to me! 😀 Yeh I coach rowing to school girls so I see it all the time, how they want me to make their bodies is sometimes not ideal power wise or just unrealistic when we trained once a week on land.

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