I Fought Through The Dark Fog To A Better Life For Me


“If I had broken away from the dark fog surrounding my vision and spoken my true feelings earlier, I would have missed out on experiences I fondly miss”.

Prior to graduating high school I received my acceptance letter to Bond University. I would be moving across to the other side of the country, in May 2012. My boyfriend and I were skeptical if long-distance would work. We had only been going out for 5 months prior to my departure day. There is not one part of my body that could say it was easy. Long-distance was continuously challenging. We would try and Skype each night but my internet was bad so it never worked, so our relationship was based on a phone screen and a occasional letter in the mail. Moving to QLD was one of the most scariest things and best things I have ever done. I did not know anyone and had been cocooned in the schooling bubble for thirteen years. Although I say it was one of the best decisions I made, it was also a nightmare at times. I felt overwhelmed and torn between my two lives. One life I felt free and studious and could just hang out with friends all day whilst the other life I was committed, happy and free from responsibilities. After a year it became too tiring. I continuously wanted to go home and when I was home I didn’t want to go back to reality. I hated how I made my life so complicated and hard for no reason. It wasn’t until I collapsed in a screaming heap that I realised I had to change something about my life. I wasn’t happy anymore. My life was one big fog, and all I prayed for was for my studies to finish so I could come home, and live the life I wanted, not what I thought “looked” good. That week I suddenly deferred my semester and decided to come home. This was also one of the hardest decisions i’ve made. To have to admit that the original decision was not working and i’m not happy took months to gain courage to tell outsiders. This decision was also the best decision I have ever made for myself. It took me 6 months to have the guts to face the fact I was mentally ill and overall not happy with life.

Looking back on that time in QLD, I truly do miss it. However, I miss the best friends I made and the social life. Those aspects in the end were just not important enough compared to my own health and lifestyle.

Since moving home my life has turned around, over 3 years and still with the boyfriend who had to deal with long distance with me and still studying psychology, however the overall difference is my stress levels are low, i’m overall happy and content with the life I live at the moment.

If I had broken away from the dark fog surrounding my vision and spoken my true feelings earlier, I would have missed out on experiences I fondly miss.

Day 12 assignment for writing 101

Today’s Prompt: Write a post inspired by a real-world conversation.

Today’s twist: include an element of foreshadowing in the beginning of your post.


My Home That Shaped My Childhood


Down the winding driveway guided by trees and 50 acres of rolling paddocks. The horses devour the first sprouting of green grass coming through the ground as the long summer drought starts to end. As the driveway winds down to the valley, it opens up to a glistening lake with a little island in the middle and reeds starting to take over the home for turtle and yabbies. A tennis court is home to many memories of her granddad and old family times when everyone was with her. As you turn the corner a cream, little seat connected to the archway with “Permadeca” written across in a dark green provides the entrance to the old style country home. The home was a long red bricked home. With a verandah and bricked footpath all the way around. The red and orange autumn leaves that fell on the lawn in front of the home over looking the lake is a vivid memory. The house is surrounded by a lush, colourful garden where her puppy, border collie jumps off the cliff to play with the birds flying past. The trampoline in the front lawn was where the young girl spent hours, jumping and doing tricks.

This home served many great years and many family members had stayed here both short and long term. Fortunately I still get the pleasure of overlooking the lake. When I wake up each morning the sun still acts as a alarm clock, beaming through the windows. Now my room is a story higher on that piece of lawn where the trampoline and hammock made their home amongst the autumn leaves.

The young twelve year old girl with endless energy, freckles covering her face and her brunette hair constantly in a pony tail had no idea that the activities she was doing then will be lasting fond memories of the house she once lived in and the family members who she once took for granted.

Day 11 for writing 101,

Today’s Prompt: Where did you live when you were 12 years old?

Today’s twist: pay attention to your sentence lengths and use short, medium, and long sentences

The Ocean Is A friend Or Foe


The sound of the ocean breaking around you as the sun is playing hide and seek between the clouds is one of my greatest pleasures in life! The way you instantly feel a sense of calmness as the ocean breeze fills your lungs. The beach accepts everyone from the active surfers and runners to the girls laying on the warm sand topless. The ocean keeps so many mysteries to the beholder, no one knows what is lurking in those waters and what will become of them when they trespass the oceans gatekeepers. Why does the ocean have two distinct moods, it may be calm and peaceful and then aggressive and intimidating! Some of us will try and concur the ocean and only some will make it to land victorious to the waves, rips and the sea creatures lurking around our toes. The ocean is a friend or foe and only the brave will gamble.

10 Facts To Get You Using Your Gym Membership Properly!


There is nothing more confronting then walking into the gym and seeing all these men and women lifting heavy weights and your there thinking what the hell does that machine even do? So you just stick to the treadmill or bike because that seems pretty easy to understand. The only issue is, that treadmill isn’t getting you stronger, your going to have to adventure into the unknown weights room, with all those big men lifting 100kg, and you will have to start off with 2 or 4kg but what you don’t realise is those big men started right where you are.

So i’m here to explain 9 simple facts to get you using your gym membership effectively and so you can actually see results.

1. Warm up

Although you may be keen to get this workout over and done with, or you don’t have “much time” a warm up will enable blood flow which put simply will enable you to workout effectively. Warm up can consist of a power walk or jogging for 5 minutes or skipping, jumping jacks, bum kicks anything that you feel comfortable at, at a level that is starting to take your breath away but your not exhausted.

2. Understanding Exercises

So you might see some girl in the corner who looks about the same fitness as you and she’s doing some obscure exercise you’ve never seen before, what do you do? Stick to what you know until you understand the technique and what it muscles it engages! I’ve been there, i’ve seen someone and gone ohhh that looks good that would work on blah blah blah, but i’m following that girl who may have followed someone else and unfortunately her technique may not be perfect. Technique is fundamental in enabling the exercise to focus on the muscle group it is suppose to work on. Start with simpler exercises. Lunges, squats and planks can be simple to follow and of course need technique but are easier to follow then other exercises.

3. Body Weight Exercises

If your new to fitness or just starting up again, start slowly there is no need to rush. Body weight exercises are effective to muscle groups the only difference is there isn’t resistance (thats when the weights comes in). Only then when you are doing a exercise and it is getting easier bring in small weights and gradually increase the stronger and fitter you get.

4. Measure Yourself before and every 6 weeks

6 weeks is long enough for your body to change, but close enough to keep your motivation going. Weighing yourself should not be the sole indicator to understanding how much you have lost. Your weight could be saying a lot about you but you may read it wrong. Such as it may be saying you’ve put on 2kg but really it’s wanting to tell you, you put on 2kg of muscle! Measuring your stomach (belly button), waist, both arms (biceps), thigh and calfs gives you a indication of where the weight your losing is actually coming from. In addition, I find body fat % a really good indicator as to how much muscle vs. fat you have and to be able to understand if you are healthy depending on your age and gender.

5. Jazz Things Up

No one wants to go to the gym and do the same thing every single time! Try something new and different, maybe take a class you’ve always wanted or go for a run outside with friends.

6. Exercise Plans

There are a lot of exercise plans out in the world now that it makes it confusing who to trust and who is actually going to give me that “bikini body in 12 weeks!” If you want some motivation pick a plan that suits you, whether it be financially, the aim for the body you want, simple plan, or anything, this adventure is for you alone, it doesn’t matter that the person next to you is doing something different.

7. Fake It Till You Make It

Now I do not mean technique! However, fake that confidence when you walk in to the gym, pretend like you own the place, and your one of those fanatics who goes in everyday because I can hands down bet that those big men would have no idea that you have no idea! Also, let’s face it who doesn’t want to be that girl who everyones staring at because they want to be like them and know what their doing! They don’t have to know our little secret 😉

8. Bring A Friend

Working out with a friend both motivates and pushes you past what you thought was your limit. Although… pick a friend who will do this, not one who will spend the next hour talking the whole time and walk out not having done anything!

9. Schedule a regular time

We all get busy, and sometimes it seems too hard to get in the car and go to the gym. However, if you set a schedule to go to the gym each night at a certain time you get in to a routine. This routine can help your motivation when you “can’t be bothered”.

10. If you need help, why don’t you just ask?

Personal Trainers are a easy access to the knowledge of the current fitness world around us, they “should” know various exercises and how to achieve the body you want ! I mean at the end of the day that’s what their there for and they will also motivate you and keep your fitness and regime up even on the days you don’t want to! You will thank them later.

Her eyes hid her true story

She had nothing more than her family and the community around her, but the way she smiled looked as though she had the world at her feet. Her dark hair turning blonde showed a sadness to an outsider but she never portrayed her daily struggle for food to the outside world. You could see it in her eyes, she was so grateful for life, and yet I couldn’t understand how someone who has nothing is happier then someone who has everything. A young 5 year old was willing to welcome in a complete stranger who spoke of no Spanish and had nothing in common, and yet was willing to learn and trust from this stranger. The thought of this young girl who had the passion and determination to make something of herself and yet was unfortunately born in a unaccessible area was disheartening, she could of had a proper education and been successful and therefore provide enough food for her family to be healthy. Unfortunately the world doesn’t lend a helping hand to all the underprivileged children in the world. This young girl is just a mere number in the world, although she may not be aware of it she made a huge impact on my life and helped me appreciate how to see the real world with two glistening eyes open and a knowing smile, just like hers.

Thank You.



Day 6 assignment for writing 101

Today’s Prompt: Who’s the most interesting person (or people) you’ve met this year?

Today’s twist: Turn your post into a character study.

Paper Blows In The Wind


“What if… the words transcribed on a lonely piece of paper from a stranger, lost on the  entangling streets was blown in the winds, powered by destiny, to my doorstep, but what now… will I sacrifice another strangers future or will I indulge on the belief that I am the one who is loved, the one who was suppose to be found, if only my unconscious could forget about her… the stranger I will never know”


This was day 5 assignment for writing 101:

Today’s Prompt: You stumble upon a random letter on the path. You read it. It affects you deeply, and you wish it could be returned to the person to which it’s addressed. Write a story about this encounter.

Today’s twist: Approach this post in as few words as possible.

We Lift & Train For Our Society…Not For Ourselves


The current media portray fitness as an extremity, only the best can do it and with social media sites such as Instagram flooding the news feeds of young girls with “Ideal” bodies and “Ideal” weight it’s understandable so many girls are feeling helplessness, or an inability to portray themselves as able to achieve a body like the endless photos on their news feeds. Ideal bodies change from decades to decades, generations to generations and yet every generation strives for the current ideal. Unfortunately young girls don’t realise that the body they may want and will do anything for may not be possible for their body shape. Every girl is born differently! My entire life I have been petite, and to some girls that would be the dream to eat what ever they want and still not gain weight, but there is a huge difference between being skinny and fit. Fortunately the current fitness fad is “fit”, girls now actually want abs, and biceps and so on but what will happen when this changes? Will it turn into “Anorexic” skinny where your body is just bone again? All that hard work on gaining muscle will that just get overlooked, maybe even thought of as disgusting? It’s surprising to think only in the 1950’s and 60’s, Marilyn Monroe was considered “Ideal”, but if you put her on this earth today in a bathing suit everyone will stare and think she needs to lose some pounds.

It isn’t just the girls perspectives that are changing, the mens perspective has changed as well. Psychology surveys have now adapted to the mens perspective as they want to be big, bulky and all round muscle. Unfortunately that doesn’t sound to bad for women to have Abercrombie like models walking around the beach all day. However the muscle epidemic is effecting younger and younger males, who may be harming their growth due to lifting weights far to young for their bodies maturity.

It is not only the society that is changing but the fitness instructors etc. are having to adapt constantly to keep up to date on the latest craze. Now girls and boys are lifting heavy weights to gain muscle and tone, however the next decade they may all be back on the treadmill for an hour because that is how you get the best body in that era, or a new craze that hasn’t even been thought of maybe running our minds.

It gets you to think, who is that one person who changes every persons thought process into thinking this body is attractive, because in the end as much as we like to think we are not aspiring to be aesthetically attractive but we want to build a career and have a life, and it’s all about “what’s inside that counts”, it isn’t in any social interaction you engage in both personal and career wise.

Don’t get me wrong, I have always wanted a 6 pack and despite my boyfriend thinking it’s disgusting that has been my dream. I know I haven’t aspired to the latest crazes over my life because when muscle wasn’t in vogue, I still wanted my 6 pack because I had a 4 pack when I was 10-12 and I know that I want it back because that was the fittest I ever was. And yes I was doing gymnastics, hence such a young age! 

So the next time you are on the squat rack about to squat 60kg for your last rep think to yourself if I was the only person on this earth and there was no one to look and judge my body, what type of body would want?



Living Life Like A Highway


Life can get so busy at times that we forget to appreciate how far we have come and the people who are continuously around us. It isn’t until a special occasion like today, Easter Sunday that we have to stop because the Western society forces us. We shouldn’t have to rely on society to remind us that it’s time to be with family and friends. Life can often rush by so quickly without any recollection of what you might be missing. So I hope your goal for this week isn’t to eat the healthiest fad going around but just to appreciate the people around you. It’s usually the people you see everyday or who are always in your life that you take for granted. So Happy Easter and I hope you indulge in all that chocolate and appreciate everyone thats with and without you today.