101 On What You Actually Need On The VESA Ecuador Trip


So… as your about to embark on a adventure on the other side of the world in South America, Ecuador you are probably looking at your backpack and wondering what you will actually need and what you won’t.

So i’m here to help!

  1. A hell of a lot of insect repellent. I brought along one roll of insect repellent and within 13 days it was completely empty. I didn’t even think they ever ran out… but how I was wrong. Where we were especially both volunteering and in the jungle you get eaten alive. I put on insect repellent at least 3x a day whilst wearing as much clothing as possible to cover my skin.
  2. Calamine Lotion, buy a big bottle because you will spend two weeks covered in it. At everyone will steal it!! Literally just putting another layer on top of the other 10 layers.
  3. Thick full length leggings, for girls bring along skins or 2xu leggings because they are easy and comfortable to walk in when you are walking through the jungle, and up Cotopaxi volcano. However also the insects can’t get through the thickness of the leggings.
  4. Malaria Tablets, now VESA has on their website you need malaria tablets however where we volunteer there isn’t any malaria. However to be on the safe side I would still take them and just to make sure you have them for when you arrive.
  5. Layering Clothes, bring clothes that can be light weight for when you are in the jungle and volunteering trip however also if you go onto the extended part of the trip bring warmer gear as it can get absolutely freezing!
  6. Cheap, old sneakers, now I went out and bought $15 dollar shoes from Kmart and gave them to the community at the end of the first part of the trip which meant I gave shoes to a kid but also made more room in my bag.
  7. Hair dryer, high heels, good nice clothes etc. DON’T BRING! It’s just a waste of time and space in your bag, just be comfortable in your own skin (probably covered in mud).
  8. Camera, well… this is a no brainer you will see so many breathtaking things and people that you will want to capture every moment of it.
  9. Neck Pillow, After flying 23-24 hours to get to Quito, Ecuador this will be the best $20 you will spend!
  10. Ipod, book anything to keep you entertained, you will spend a lot of time flying and on bus trips travelling to different locations so make sure you bring something to entertain you.

This trip was a amazing experience and one that will never be forgotten. If your about to adventure off to the Amazon have fun… little bit jealous!




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