I’m off on a long flight (7+ hours)… What do I actually need?


I’m sitting in the International airport waiting to board my flight, I thought it would be helpful to write from my experience what is essential to have on the plane.

1. Passport, now this might just be a given but just incase your a forgetful person or have never flown, always keep your passport with you at all times when flying as they will check numerous times before you get on the plane when you check in, customs and getting on the plane.

2. Currency in your destinations money and your own currency. It’s best to pack money in your suitcase as well as onboard with you incase anything happens. Therefore you always have a backup. NEVER put all your money together!

3. If your going to a country that requires you to have certain vaccination(s) when you come back to your home country and there, bring your vaccination records with you, where it can be easily reachable for Customs.

4. Music, most flights, if not all flights now have a television for each seat, with lots of movies, tv shows, music and games. However there not going to have all your music you, so it’s best to bring your iPod and headphones. If your on AirAsia learn from my mistake on a 7 hour flight because they don’t have any tv’s, you can rent a Ipad but they only have a couple of movies. “They weren’t any good anyway!”

5. Neck Pillows, now I’ve noticed that people rave about these pillows, but I’ve personally never tried it, but if your one of those people, please try and convince me.

6. Change of clothes, especially if your embarking on a big trip to the other side of the world, always bring a change of clothes you will feel refreshed, as well as the climate is more then likely to be different in your destination.

7. Face wipes allow you to wash your face quickly and easily. I always take these when I’m flying and camping it makes me feel cleaner, especially after traveling for hours.

8. Warm and loose clothing for the plane I find planes can get cold due to the air conditioning so I always bring a jumper that can be easily “squashed” in my bag, therefore not taking up room that you need for essentials.

9. Toothbrush and toothpaste Who doesn’t feel more awake after brushing their teeth? Just remember on International flights place all liquids in a see-through bag. In addition all liquids must be only 100ml.

I would love to hear what you have found necessary to have onboard with you on a plane.

Bon Voyage! And enjoy your trip of a lifetime.



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