New Year Resolution For 2015!


Happy New Year!

Now, i’m aware that probably 90% of Bloggers have made some sort of post about the new year but I wanted to share it with you from my perspective. Everyone sees the new year differently some make new years resolutions and actually stick to them all year round, whilst others just say something to make it sound as if they are interested. For myself I was always that person until last year when I wrote my resolutions down on a piece of paper and stuck it above my desk. 2014 was the first year I really stuck, or at least tried to complete all my resolutions because it was constantly hovering above my head when I was studying.

So I decided this year I would write down my resolution on a piece of paper again as well as on here, so it’s out there for the world to see, and to feel as though I must complete it for myself and no one else.

I thought seeing as it’s the new year it would be good to give you some tips on New Years Resolution and how I changed from the person who never completed one resolution to sticking to it for 365 days!


  1. Write down your resolutions and stick it in a visible place that you will most likely see most days (I found my study area the best)
  2. Write SMART goals (AKA)

S= Specific

M= Measurable

A= Attainable/ Achievable

R= Realistic

T= Timely

(For example I was going to write down try a new food every week but I knew that I was just making it more difficult for myself and I wouldn’t ACHIEVE it so put down each month)

3. Goals that are relevant to YOU (Not whats in trend at the moment)

4. Lastly, Goals that are going to make you the person that you dream to be!

My 2015 New Year Resolutions:

1. Write a Blog Weekly

2. Exercise Regularly (4X A week)

3. Eat Healthy

4. Try a New Food Every Month

5. Get a Job

6. Finish My Psychology Degree

7. Save Money for Travelling in 2016

8. Join a Sporting Team

9. Get 1 HD in Semester 1

10. Travel Overseas

Well I hope you enjoyed this blog, please leave a comment, so I know what you guys are interested in and what you want to hear and know about.




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