Help! I don’t wanna pack for my holiday!


Does this picture remind you of yourself? Because that’s what I’m like every time! Now I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that packing is the worst thing in the world! I just can’t seem to handle putting a few clothes in a bag, because I always think I’m going to forget something! Right now I’m packing for Phuket tomorrow and although I have been on many overseas trips, lived interstate for a year and even just weekends away I still am not a good packer, so Ive developed a few tips from my own experience (mostly mistakes I’ve made along the way) and from what others believe is important. Now we are all different and we are all embarking on a completely different trip with different experiences but there are a few tips that are relevant to everyone.

  1. Pack LOTS of underwear! Although you might only be going for a week I always pack at least 10 just incase I swap outfits numerous times. Plus they don’t take up any room.
  2. Organise your washing early. For this trip to Phuket I did my washing a week before and layed out the clothes I wanted to take and the maybes on the spare bed. Although you don’t need to do it a week early a couple of days is good that way your leaving yourself more time incase you need to go out and buy something because you realise you don’t have it.
  3. Play music while packing. This just might be a personal choice but I have found when I play music the task doesn’t seem as daunting cause I’m distracted singing away.
  4. When your putting clothes in the bag always take out what you don’t actually need. If your going for a week you really don’t need 7 tops I’m pretty sure you can wear a outfit twice because your on holidays and who is going to judge you?
  5. Shoes… I hate packing shoes they take up so much room and weigh so much and I swear I never really know what shoes I should actually take, but personally high heels are unnecessary. If your a lover of high heels only pack one or buy a cheap pair when your over there. I personally only pack the shoes that I will use everyday so for Phuket, thongs and sneakers.
  6. Beauty products, some people feel more comfortable if they take their hair straightener, curler, hair dryer and every makeup they own, and sure if your one of those people then pack it but I find it so unnecessary. Of course I pack makeup but unless I’m going somewhere specific like to a wedding interstate or overseas I find the rest just a waste of space that you could be using to buy things over there.
  7. Leave room for buying things you should not pack a bag completely full, if you can pack the bag half full and so you leave enough room and weight to buy things when your overseas.

I hope that this has helped you to stay calm when packing, don’t forget if you do forget something that you need you will probably be able to buy it over there or equivalent to what they have.




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